Wasted Years - Poem

I looked upon a farm one day,

That once I used to own;

The barn had fallen to the ground

The fields were overgrown

The house in which my children grew,

Where we had lived for years--

I turned to see it broken down,

And brushed aside the tears.

I looked upon my soul one day,

To find it too, had grown

With thorns and thistles everywhere

The seeds neglect had sown.

The years had passed while I had cared

For things of lesser worth;

The things of heaven I let go

While minding things on earth.

To Christ I turned with bitter tears,

And cried, "O Lord, forgive!

I haven't much time left for tee,

Not many years to live."

The wasted years forever gone,

The days I can't recall;

If I could live those days again,

I'd make him Lord of all.