cofcnet Announcements Email List

We offer an email list for prayer requests, meeting announcements, and other news that is of direct interest to fellow members of the Church of Christ, especially those who are members of  Our goal with this list is to provide a way for brethren to quickly and efficiently share news and/or information that is useful and beneficial to our membership.  You can subscribe by clicking the link at the end of this page.


As with any email list, there are certain guidelines that we want you to be aware of:

  • The email list is moderated.  That means your post will not be sent out until one of our moderators reads and approves it.
    You must be a member of this list to post.
  • We do not publish our member list, and we cannot send out a post "to everyone except..."
  • The email will go out with your return email address on it, so that any replies will go directly to the poster.
  • We do not have the ability to edit posts, we can only approve or reject them, so they must be sent as you intend for them to go out.
    Delete FWD from the subject line and the email
  • Don't say things like "Would you please forward this out", or "Please send this", or "If this is okay, please send it out"
    Be certain that you have all facts correct and verified
  • before you send out an email [ie. don't announce the time/date/place etc. of a funeral unless you have verified with the family prior to sending it.]

There are some things this list is intentionally not for:

  • Politics [We do not promote any political party, candidate, or issue directly as a matter of politics and will not post political rally's etc.]
  • Personal Business or money making ventures [ie.  "I'm selling my...", or "If you're looking for a good real estate agent give me a call", etc.]
  • Posting meetings of congregations that differ doctrinally from the congregations listed in our directory.
  • General Fund raising [ie. "We are paving our church parking lot and would like donations...", or "My husband lost his job last month and we need to pay our electric bill"]
  • Doctrinal statements, arguments, dissertations, etc.

Some things this list is for:

  • Meeting Announcements, special events, singings, etc.
  • Meeting Time Changes or other service news
  • Prayer Requests and updates
  • Items that other churches may be interested in such as "We have eight 12 foot pews and a communion table we no longer use"
  • Items needed such as "Our congregation needs a wheel chair to use for a recently disabled member to attend our services

Of course this list may be amended and all announcements are at the discretion of our moderators.

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