Esther Book Study


The book of Esther records a deliverance of the Jews from destruction. Esther appears approximately 40yrs after the temple is rebuilt and, about 30yrs before the wall of Jerusalem was rebuilt.

Years Before Christ



Jews return from Babylonian captivity to Jerusalem.

536 - 516

Temple is rebuilt.


Esther becomes queen.


Esther saves the Jews


Nehemiah rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem.


1. Reign Of Ahasuerus

A. Ahasuerus, King over 127 provinces. (1:1)

B. King Ahasuerus made a feast (celebration). (1:3-8)

C. Vashti is queen. (1:9)

2. Problem At The Celebration

A. King Ahasuerus becomes merry with wine. (1:10)

B. Chamberlain (slaves) call for Queen Vashti. (1:10-11)

C. Queen Vashti refused to obey. (1:12)

D. King Ahasuerus becomes angry. (1:12)

3. Advice Sought Of Wise Men

A. King required council of wise men and princes. (1:13-15)

B. They determined Queen Vashti s refusal of the King would cause women throughout the land to despise their husbands. (1:15-17)

C. Thus shall there arise too much contempt and wrath . (1:18)

4. Result Of Advice

A. Commandment given deposing Queen Vashti and giving her royal estate to another. (1:19)

B. Commandment published throughout the land. (1:20-21)

C. The commandment was All wives shall give to their husbands Honour, both to great and small . (1:22)


1. Another Queen Sought

A. King Ahasuerus was appeased. (2:1)

B. King Ahasuerus remembers Vashti and what was decreed against her. (2:1)

C. Seek another Queen. (2:2)

D. Young virgins gathered for the King to choose from. (2:3-4)

2. Esther s Parentage

A. Mordecai, a Jew of the tribe of Benjamin. (2:5-6)

B. Mordecai raised Esther (Hadassah) as his daughter when her parents died. (2:7)

C. Esther was a cousin His uncle s daughter . (2:7)

3. Picture Of Esther

A. Esther found favor of Hegai the keeper of the women. (2:8-9)

B. Esther is given best place in the house of the women. (2:9)

C. Esther did not reveal she was a Jew. (2:10)

D. Mordecai concerned (2:11)

4. Method Of Choosing

A. Twelve months of purification. (2:12)

B. Gifts given to the maid s. (2:13)

C. The chosen went to second house of women to wait until King called for Her. (2:14)

5. Esther Chosen

A. Esther went before King. (2:15)

B. Esther requires no gift. (2:15)

C. Esther chosen as Queen. (2:16-19)

D. Esther continues to not to reveal she is a Jew. (2:20)

6. Plot Against The King Uncovered

A. Mordecai sat at the King s gate. (2:21)

B. Two of King s chamberlain plotted against King Ahasuerus. (2:21)

C. Mordecai heard and told Queen Esther, she told the King. (2:22)

D. The two chamberlain were hanged. (2:23)


1. Haman Full Of Pride

A. King Ahasuerus promote Haman as #1 man. (3:1)

B. Command given to bow and reverence him. (3:2)

C. Mordecai refused. (3:2)

D. Mordecai reveals he is a Jew. (3:3-4)

E. Haman became angered and sought to destroy all Jews. (3:5-6)

2. Law Against Jews

A. Haman persuaded King Ahasuerus against Jews. (3:7-11)

B. Command written, letters sent, published in all the land. (3:12 & 14)

C. Destroy, Kill and cause to perish, all Jews, young and old, children and women, and take spoil. (3:13)


1. Sorrow Over Decree

A. Great lamenting over decree. (4:1-3)

2. A Plan

A. Esther and Mordecai communicated through Hatach. (4:4-8)

B. Esther was to plead for her people. (4:8-9)

3. A Problem

A. If any go before the King, not being called, that person would be put to death. (4:10-11)

B. If the King approved by holding out his golden scepter, they could live. (4:11-12)

4. Esther s Purpose

A. Mordecai reminds Esther she is a Jew and will not escape, but will be as all other Jews. (4:13)

B. Deliverance would come from another place. This may be your purpose. (4:14)

5. Resolved To Carry Out Purpose

A. Esther asks for fasting. (4:15-16)

B. If I perish, I perish. (4:16)


1. Esther Appears Before King

A. After 3 days Esther comes before the King. (5:1)

B. Ahasuerus accepts Esther. (5:2)

C. Ahasuerus offers Esther half of kingdom as gift. (5:3)

D. Esther requests the King and Haman to attend banquet. (5:4-8)

2. Haman Despises Mordecai

A. Haman looked down on Mordecai. (5:9-10)

B. Began to be full of pride. (5:11-12)

3. Haman Plots To Kill Mordecai

A. Haman hated Mordecai. (5:13)

B. Made gallows 50 cubits high to hang Mordecai. (5:14)


1. King Reviews Records

A. Ahasuerus reviews book of records. (6:1)

B. Mordecai had warned of rebellion. (6:2)

C. Ahasuerus sought to honor Mordecai. (6:3-4)

2. A Misunderstanding

A. Haman became full of pride, he thought the King was talking about him. (6:5-6)

B. Ahasuerus told of many honors (6:7-9)

3. Haman Humiliated

A. Ahasuerus revealed his honor was to Mordecai. (6:10-11)

B. Haman is humiliated. (6:12-13)

C. Haman brought to banquet of Esther. (6:14)


1. Revealing Of An Enemy

A. At banquet, Esther told to ask her petition. (7:1-2)

B. Esther asks for Her life and her people s. (7:3-4)

C. Esther revealed Haman as the offender. Haman becomes fearful. (7:5-6)

2. Haman Makes Things Worse

A. Ahasuerus goes into garden (7:7)

B. Haman falls upon Esther s bed to plead for mercy. Ahasuerus sees Haman on Her bed. (7:8)

C. Ahasuerus hanged Haman on gallows prepared for Mordecai. (7:9-10)


1. Haman s Position & Estate Given Away

A. Haman s estate given to Esther. (8:1)

B. Ahasuerus gives Haman s ring to Mordecai. (8:2)

C. Esther gives estate to Mordecai. (8:2)

2. Need For Repeal Of Law

A. Esther pleads for repeal of Haman s mischief against the Jews. (8:3-6)

3. New Law Made

A. Ahasuerus commands another law, which no man can reverse. (8:7-10)

B. The law Gather together, stand for life, destroy, slay, cause to perish, all that assault them, little ones and women and take spoil . (8:11-12)

4. The Jews Had Light, Gladness, Joy, Honour

A. Law posted throughout land. (8:13-14)

B. Great rejoicing. (8:15-17)

C. Some people became Jews, because they feared the Jews. (8:17b)


1. Fear Of The Jews

A. Fear of the Jews fell upon the people. (9:1-3)

B. Mordecai became great. (9:4)

C. Jews smote the enemies. (9:5-6)

D. Haman s 10 sons slain. (9:7-11)

2. Defeating The Enemies

A. Jews continued to slay enemies (9:12)

B. Haman s 10 sons hanged on gallows in public. (9:13-14)

C. Jews slew their foes. (9:15-16)

D. Jews celebrated. (9:17-19)

3. Celebration Days

A. Mordecai ordered the 14th & 15th day of the month of Adar as a Holyday. (9:20-23)

B. Remembering what had happened in letters (9:24-29)

C. Letters sent out (9:30-32)


1. Blessings

A. Ahasuerus gave tribute. (10:1)

B. Declared greatness of Mordecai. (10:2)

C. Promoted Mordecai as next to King. (10:3)