Chapter 27


1) Voyage to Rome begins, Paul's warning ignored (27:1-12)


a) Who was placed in charge of Paul?
b) What type of person was he?
c) What was the trouble they faced in this journey?
d) Why was sailing dangerous now?
e) What does that mean?
f) What warning does Paul give?
g) Why did they disregard Paul's warning?

2) The storm arrives (27: 13-38)



a) What did they call the tempestuous head wind?
b) What things did they do to save the ship?
c) What was the mental state of the crew and passengers when Paul finally spoke?
d) What good news did Paul give them?
e) How did he know that?
f) How long did this storm last?
g) What were the sailors attempting to do?
h) What did Paul tell them?
i) What did Paul do to encourage everyone?

3) Shipwrecked on Malta (27: 39-44)



a) What did the soldiers intend to do?
b) Why?
c) Why did the centurion stop them?