Chapter 26


1) Paul before conversion (26:1-11)


a) How was Agrippa different from the others who had judged Paul?
b) Where did Paul grow up?
c) What sect (denomination) of the Jewish religion was Paul before his conversion?
d) What rhetorical question did Paul ask?
e) What types of things did he do to Christians?
f) Why do you think Paul begins his defense with his pre-conversion life?

2) Paul retells his conversion(26:12-18)



a) What things does he mention here that are not recorded in the earlier accounts [Acts 9, 22]?

3) Paul after conversion (26:19-23)



a) Who did he begin preaching to?
b) What did Paul then begin to preach?
c) Paul mentions 3 main points in his message about Jesus, what are they?

4) Festus and Agrippa respond (26: 24-32)



a) What does Festus reply?
b) What does Paul assert about Agrippa?
c) What does Agrippa say?
d) What was their judgment about Paul?