Chapter 25


1) Paul appeals to Caesar (25:1-12)


a) Who is the next judge in the case against Paul?
b) What does the High Priest petition him for?
c) Why?
d) How long was it before Festus judged Paul?
e) Who, besides Paul & Festus was at the trial?
f) What three things did Paul claim to be without offense?
g) What does Festus suggest?
h) Why?
i) What is Paul's response?

2) Paul before Agrippa (25:13-27)



a) Who is his next judge?
b) Who was with him?
c) When he arrives, summarize the story told by Festus
d) What does Agrippa ask for?
e) What did Festus ask Agrippa to help him with
f) Why?