Chapter 24


1) Paul accused of sedition (24:1-9)


a) Who did Ananias & the elders bring with them?
b) How does he begin his speech?
c) What accusations does he make against Paul?
d) What does he say about Lysias?

2) Paul's defense before Felix (24:10-21)



a) How long had it been since Paul arrived in Jerusalem?
b) Why was Paul cheerful to answer for himself?
c) What did he deny?
d) What did he confess?
e) What is a "sect"?
f) What does Paul mean by "the Way"?
g) What doctrine does Paul reaffirm here?
h) Who does he blame for the riot?
i) He says that these witnesses against him have no right to speak because?

3) Felix's response (24:22-27)



a) Why did Felix not rule?
b) Who did he claim to be waiting on?
c) What did Felix command to be done with Paul?
d) Why did Felix call for Paul?
e) Was Felix converted?