Chapter 23


1) Paul Before the Council (23:1-10)


a) What claim does Paul start with?
b) What does that mean?
c) What did Paul call the High Priest?
d) Why does he apologize?
e) What did Paul discern about his audience and how did he use that insight?
f) What was the result?

2) Paul's Arrest (23:11-22)



a) What does Jesus tell Paul?
b) What vow did a group of Jews make?
c) How many were there?
d) Who did they enlist to help them?
e) What was their plan?
f) Who found out about the plan?
g) Paul sent him to whom?
h) What did the commander do to defeat the plan and did it work?

3) Paul sent to Felix (23:23-35)



a) What was the commanders name?
b) Summarize the Letter sent by the commander to Felix:
c) What did Felix tell Paul and command to be done with him?