Chapter 22


1) Paul's Defense (22:1-21)


a) Why did the people keep silent?
b) Who was Paul's teacher in the Law of Moses?
c) Does he criticize or compliment the crowd?
d) Jesus said "Why are you persecuting me?" Explain how Paul was persecuting Jesus:
e) What did the light do to Paul?
f) List the things Ananias told him:
g) When Paul returned to Jerusalem, he had a vision where he saw Jesus. What did Jesus tell him to do? Why?
h) What was Paul's explanation for why this was so?
i) Where did Jesus say he was going to send him then?

2) Paul's Arrest (22:22-30)



a) At this point the people begin to riot. Why do you think this provoked them?
b) What do they yell and do?
c) What was the commander going to do to him?
d) Why didn't he?
e) Who had greater right to Roman citizenship, Paul or the commander?
f) Why was the commander afraid?
g) The commander calls a court session to find out something, what was it?
h) Who does he call in as witnesses?