Chapter 21


1) Warnings on the Journey to Jerusalem (21:1-14)

a) Where did they find disciples?
b) What did those disciples tell Paul?
c) Who did they stay with in Caesarea?
d) Who came from Judah, and what did he do/say?
e) Imagine the scene, the disciples actions, Paul's reply, and their response. Why do you think Paul was so insistent on going?

2) Paul Seeks Peace in Jerusalem but is Arrested (21:15-36)

a) Whom did Paul meet with in Jerusalem?
b) What rumors did they tell him were circulating about him?
c) What did they ask Paul to do?
d) Why did Paul do it? Wasn't this deceptive on his part?
e) When did the Jerusalem leaders write to/about the Gentiles?
f) Did this effort at peace with the Jews work?
g) What accusations were made by the Jews from Asia?
h) Why did they accuse him of bringing a Greek into the Temple?
i) The mob intended to kill Paul, how was he saved?

3) Addressing the Jerusalem Mob (21:37-40)

a) What did Paul do that surprised the commander?
b) Who had he thought Paul was?
c) What did Paul ask to be allowed to do?