Chapter 19


1) Paul arrives at Ephesus (19:1-10)

a) What did Paul ask the disciples when he met them?
b) What was their answer?
c) Paul then asks about their baptism. What about their answer would make him question their baptism?
d) What did he teach them about Baptism?
e) Read Ephesians 2:8-9 and harmonize that with this account
f) How long did Paul stay in Ephesus?
g) Was his work there very successful?

2) Unusual Miracles in Ephesus (19:11-20)

a) What were these unusual miracles?
b) Who were the sons of Sceva and what did they do?
c) What happened to them?
3) The Riot at Ephesus (19:21-41)
a) Where does Paul purpose to go next?
b) Who was Demetrius and why was he upset?
c) What world renowned Temple was in Ephesus?
d) What did Paul want to do?
e) Why didn't he?
f) What did the crowd chant? _______________________________ For how long?
g) Who calmed them down?
h) What was his reasoning and his suggested resolution?