Chapter 18


1) At Thessalonica (18:1-17)

a) Where did Paul stay? Why?
b) Discuss compelled by the Spirit' (Vs. 5)
c) What did Paul tell the Jews? Why?
d) Who was emperor of Rome?
e) What did God tell Paul in a vision?
f) Who became ruler of the synagogue in Crispus' place
g) What did Gallio tell the Jews when they arrested Paul?

2) Paul returns to Antioch (18:18-22)

a) How long did Paul stay in Corinth?
b) Why did Paul have his hair cut off? Explain:
c) List, in order, the places mentioned that Paul traveled to (Vs. 18-23)

3) Apollos learns about Jesus (18:24-28)

a) Where was Apollos from? ______________________ What country was that?
b) Discuss the two qualities given to describe Apollos
c) What was he lacking in his knowledge of the Lord?
d) Who taught him more accurately?
e) How had they learned?
f) Considering Vs. 27, do you believe letters of commendation are scriptural/valid?
g) Should we send them when brethren travel?