Chapter 17


1) At Thessalonica (17:1-8)

a) What did Paul teach in Thessalonica?
b) Who became envious and what did they do?
c) What was their accusation and why was this troubling?
d) Was it true?

2) In Berea (17:10-15)

a) What two characteristics exhibited their fair-mindedness?
b) What results happened here that were similar to Thessalonica?
3) At Athens (17:16-34)
a) What provoked Paul?
b) What was the reaction of the Epicurean and Stoic philosophers to his teaching?
c) What was the Areopagus?
d) VS. 22 in KJV says "too superstitious" the NKJV says "very religious". What was Paul saying to them?
e) Summarize his sermon here:
f) Why did he quote the pagan Athenian poets?
g) What was the result? Was he successful?