Chapter 15


1) Conflict over Circumcision (15:1-5)

a) Where did the troubling brethren come from?
b) What did they teach?
c) What sect were the Judaizers from?

2) The council at Jerusalem considers the matter (15:6-21)

a) Who gathered to consider this matter?
b) Summarize Peter's speech:
c) What were Peter's 3 main points?
d) What authority did James appeal to?
e) What solution did James propose?

3) The Jerusalem Decree (22-35):

a) Who did the Apostles send with Paul & Barnabas?
b) Summarize the letter that the Apostles sent with Paul & Barnabas:
c) How did the church receive the letter?

4) Trouble over John Mark (36-41):

a) Why do Paul and Barnabas have contention?
b) Who went with Paul & where did they go?
c) Who went with Barnabas & where did they go?
d) Which one of them was right?