Chapter 14


1) Paul & Barnabas At Iconium (14:1-7)

a) Were they successful in Iconium?
b) Who were the main opponents?
c) Why did they leave Iconium?

2) Idolatry at Lystra, Paul stoned, they escape to Derbe (14:8-20)

a) What was amazing about the healing at Lystra?
b) When Paul looked at the man, he was that the man "had faith to be healed". What does that mean?
c) When Paul healed the man, what was the reaction in the city?
d) Who did they think Paul and Barnabas were?
e) Summarize Paul's sermon to them:
f) What happened that turned the crowd from wanting to worship Paul to stoning him?
g) How did Paul escape death?

3) They strengthen the new congregations as they return to Antioch of Syria (14:21-28)

a) When they returned, they stopped in cities where they had begun churches. Why?
b) What did they tell the new Christians?
c) If the church is the Kingdom, and these people were in the church, what did Paul mean by "We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God"?
d) What did Paul & Barnabas do when they got back to Antioch?
e) How does Paul summarize the trip?