Chapter 13


1) Barnabas & Saul Sent Out (13:1-3)

a) How many teachers did the church in Antioch have?
b) What did they do when they appointed Barnabas & Saul?

2) Barnabas & Saul In Cyprus (13:3-4)

a) What did Elymas do?
b) Here we are introduced to Saul's other name. What is it?
c) What did Saul do?

3) In Antioch of Pisidia (13:13-52)

a) What did John Mark do when they got to Perga?
b) Where did they go first in Antioch?
c) How did Paul get to speak to the people?
d) Where does Paul begin in his sermon?
e) How much background did he give them before getting to Jesus?
f) What promise does he reason from scripture with them?
g) Why do you think he mentions John the Baptist?
h) Notice how Paul consistently appeals to Old Testament Scripture. Why do you think he does that?
i) What fact does Paul hinge his argument on?
j) Paul uses three quotes from Psalms (2:7; 55:3; 16:10) Read each Psalm and summarize what it says about Jesus.
k) Why does Paul include a prophetic warning (Habakkuk 1:5)?
l) What did Paul & Barnabas finally tell the unbelieving Jews?