Chapter 12


1) Herod takes Saul's place (12:1-4)

a) Who was Herod?
b) Who was the first Apostle killed & how?
c) Who did he arrest next?

2) Peter's Miraculous Release (12:5-19)

a) What was the church doing while Peter was in Prison? Why?
b) Who released Peter from Prison?
c) What did Peter think was going on?
d) What does that tell us about the reality of Visions?
e) Did Rhoda know Peter before this happened?
f) What did she do? Why?
g) Peter instructs them to tell James, but we just read (Vs. 2) James was killed. Explain:

3) The End of Herod (12:20-24)

a) What did Herod do, in these verses, that was so bad?
b) How did he die?

4) Barnabas and Saul return to Antioch (12:25)

a) Why were Barnabas and Saul in Jerusalem?
b) Who did they take with them when they returned?
c) Where have we heard of him before?
d) Herod was not killed for persecuting and murdering Christians, but was killed for his arrogant Pride. What does this teach you about the sin of Pride and taking God's credit for yourself?
e) Was his sin different than Moses' sin (Numbers 20:1-10)