Chapter 11


1) Peter's Defense of Gentile Conversions (11:1-18)

a) Who were "those of the circumcision"?
b) Why did they "contend with" Peter?
c) In what way did Peter explain it to them?
d) What did the Spirit tell Peter not to do?
e) When did the Holy Spirit fall on Cornelius?
f) What did that remind Peter of? Why?
g) What does this teach us about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and how common it was?
h) Explain your answer:
i) How did "those of the circumcision" respond?

2) Barnabas and Saul (11:19-30)

a) Who did the first generation Christians preach to?
b) Then who did the second generation Christians preach to?
c) Why did Barnabas go to Antioch?
d) What was his mission (purpose) there?
e) What did he do to help accomplish this mission?
f) What "first" happened in Antioch?
g) Who was Agabus and what did he do?
h) Describe the heart of the new Christians in Antioch:
i) What practical way can you show the same heart as these Christians in Antioch?