Chapter 10


1) Cornelius Sends for Peter (10:1-8)


a) List every quality mentioned about Cornelius
b) What had God noticed about him?
c) Why didn't God just tell him about Jesus?

2) Peter's Vision (10:9-23)



a) Why wouldn't Peter eat?
b) What type of animals were in the sheet?
c) What was the point of the vision?
d) What are some more character qualities of Cornelius mentioned here?
e) In what ways are you like Cornelius?
f) In what ways are you different?

3) Peter Meets Cornelius (10:24-33)



a) Why did Cornelius try to worship Peter?
b) How did Peter react?
c) Who did Cornelius gather to be with him when Peter arrived?

4) Peter's Sermon (10:34-48)



a) What does he tell Cornelius about God?
b) What does it mean "The Holy Spirit Fell on them"?
c) At what point in the story was Cornelius saved?