Chapter 09


1) The conversion of Saul (9:1-19)


a) Why was Saul going to Damascus?


b) Who did Jesus say Saul was persecuting?
c) How was that possible since he had already ascended?
d) What does "It is hard for you to kick against the goads (pricks)" mean?
e) Was Saul quick or slow to repent?
f) Who did God send to teach Saul?
g) Did he want to go? Why?
h) At what point in this story is Saul saved? Explain your answer:

2) After Saul's conversion (9:20-31)


a) What did he do immediately after his baptism?


b) How did the Jews in Damascus react?
c) How did Saul leave Damascus?
d) What problem did he have in Jerusalem?
e) What was the result to the church of Saul's conversion (VS. 31)?

3) Miracles of Peter (9:32-43)


a) What was a result of his miracle in Lydda?


b) Why was Tabitha so well loved?
c) List a way you could possibly become more like Tabitha in your own life?