Chapter 08


1) The church leaves Jerusalem (8:1-4)

a) Why did the church leave Jerusalem?

b) Who didn't leave and why?

c) What did they do when they left Jerusalem?

d) Does this exhibit a different heart/attitude than we have today? Why?

2) Phillip's work in Samaria (8:5-24)

a) Discuss the conversion of Simon. Why was he converted?

b) Compare and contrast Vs. 13 with Vs. 21-22;

c) Was Simon truly converted? d) Why did the Apostles send Peter and John to Samaria?


3) The Conversion of the Ethiopian (8:25-40)

a) What do we know about the Ethiopian's Character?

b) Read and give a brief explanation of Isaiah 53:7-8

c) What did Phillip preach? What did that inc lude?

d) What would biblically prevent someone's baptism?

e) What congregation did the Ethiopian become a member of?