Chapter 07


1) Stephen's sermon to the Council (7:1-50)

a) Stephen begins with Abraham, why do you think he did that?

b) What is Stephen's theme in this sermon?

c) Why were the Pharisee's so offended by his sermon?

d) Why begin with a History lesson to these men who knew the Israelite History so well?

e) Do you see the recurring story line of the faithful servant of God rejected and persecuted by the unfaithful descendants of Abraham?

f) Give two examples from the sermon:

g) What did Stephen mean when he said "God turned and gave them up..." (42)?

h) Why would Stephen have brought the Temple into the sermon?

i) Does the Temple still matter at this point? Explain your answer:

2) Stephen makes it personal (7:51-53)

a) Why did Stephen get personal here? b) What does this teach us about effective preaching?

3) The Martyrdom of Stephen (7:54-60)

a) When they were "cut to the heart" why didn't they react like those who were "pricked in their heart" in Acts 2?

b) Why do you think God showed him this vision?

c) What did Stephen pray for?
d) Could/would you do the same?