Chapter 06


1) The Seven Chosen to Serve Tables (6:1-7)

a) Why was there a need to appoint men for this task?

b) Who were the Hellenists?

c) What were the qualifications Peter told them to look for in choosing these men?

d) Who appointed them?

e) Were these guys deacons?

f) If so, what can we learn about the work of a deacon?

g) If not, what office did they hold?

h) How did their work differ from the Apostles?

2) Stephen Arrested (6:8-15)

a) How was Stephen doing miracles since only Apostle had done miracles up to this time?

b) Who were the people he was debating?

c) What did they accuse him of?

d) Was their accusation true? e) Explain what he looked like to those in the council