Chapter 05


1) The First Church Discipline (5:1-11)


a) What did Ananias & Sapphira do that was wrong?

b) How did Peter describe their sin?

c) Where did they get the idea to do this?

2) Amazing growth (5:12-16)



a) In Vs. 13 "Yet none of the rest dared join them" Who are them and who is the rest?

3) The Apostles Arrested and Delivered (5:17-32)



a) Who arrested them and why?

b) How did they get out of prison?

c) The two charges the Sanhedrin Court brought against the apostles were 1) you disobeyed our command not to teach in Jesus name, and 2) you are trying to make us appear guilty of Jesus' death. How do the apostles answer these charges?


4) Gamaliel's Speech (5:33-42)




a) He mentions two revolutionaries who both drew away disciples and yet their movements both failed. Why does he tell these two stories?

b) What is his advise to the council?

c) Do they follow his advise?

d) What did the apostles do after they were beaten and released?