Chapter 03-04


1) Healing the Lame man (3:1-11)

a) Why was this such an amazing healing?

b) How is this different from the modern day "Televangelist Healers" such as Oral Roberts or Benny Hinn?

2) Peter's Sermon (3:12-26)

a) Compare Vs. 17 to Luke 23:32

b) Beginning in Vs. 18, Peter appeals to the prophets. Why does he do that?

c) How did Peter say Jesus would bless them?


3) Peter and John arrested and in custody (4:1-22)

a) Who arrested Peter and John, and why?

b) What question do they ask Peter at his arraignment? (Compare Matthew 21:23-28)

c) Consider Peter's direct answer and contrast it with Jesus answering the same question with a question. Why did they answer differently?

d) They were threatened and commanded not to preach in Jesus name anymore.

Explain Peter's response:


4) Their release and prayer for boldness (4:23-31)

a) Should we pray for relief from persecution or boldness in it's face?

5) Their Spirit of Oneness (4:32-37)

a) How can we promote and manifest this spirit in our church today?