Chapter 02


1) Coming of the Holy Spirit (2:1-4)

     a) Who did the Holy Spirit fill?

     b) How did it look/sound?

2) The Crowd's Response (2:5-13)

     a) Why were these people in Jerusalem?

     b) Why was this confusing to them?

3) Peter's Sermon (2:14-39)

     a) What time was the third hour of the day?

     b) Why does Peter quote Joel?

     c) Summarize Peter's sermon:

     d) What is "the gift of the Holy Spirit (vs.38)?

4) The church grows (2:40-47)

     a) How did they "continue in the Apostles doctrine and fellowship"

     b) Can we do the same today? How?

     c) Why did they sell their possessions and divide them among all?

Should we do that today?