The Mission of the Church

A) Dan 2 shows that God had a plan to establish what we now know as the church. The ultimate goal of the church is to get to heaven (Eph 5:25-27). But what about it s purpose here and now. While we wait for the redemption, what is our mission?
B) 1 Pet 2:4-10 - Along with our special position in Chirst, comes responsibilities.
C) In this lesson we will look at what the mission of the Church is and how we can accomplish that mission.


A) There is a wide range when it comes to people s attitude about what the church should be doing. Some are very narrow while others are extremely wide. Typically, the truth lies somewhere between the extreems.
1) Doors Open Policy - on one end of the spectrum is the view that we just need to keep the church doors open. If people want to come to God / Church, the doors will be open. But we aren t too interested in doing much to get people here unless they just want to come.
2) Open Policy - on the other end of the spectrum is the view that we need to do what ever it takes to get people here. As long as people are coming, it doesn t matter just so we get them here. Once they are here then maybe we can find some way to teach them.
3) Biblical - The doors will be open, an invitation will be extended to all, and we will do all we can, with-in Biblical limits, to help people.
B) The Church s Mission is Not:
1) Create a Social Club - Rm 12:10. While we are to develop a bond among the members of the body, our mission is not to create a society where others feel as a cast out.
2) Entertainment - Phil 4:4; 1 Thess 5:16. Our mission is not to tickle people and make them feel good about their self. Nor is it to make people happy through entertainment. While it is not wrong to enjoy the Church and it s members, our focus is should not be how much fun we can have.
3) Enforce God s Law - 2 Thess 3:13-15. We are not God s police. It is not our mission to go around and make people submit to the law of God. While it is not wrong to encourage and help people in this area, our mission is not to ENFORCE!
4) Determine Salvation - Mk 16:16. We are not God s judges. It is not our mission to go around and determine who is saved and who isn t. While it is not wrong to believe some are perishing we are not to judge who is saved.
C) The Church s Mission Is:
1) General: Taking a very broad stroke and looking at the whole picture we find that in general, the mission of the Church is to Serve God. Eccl 12:13. After looking at life, Solomon decided that although other things were not necessarily wrong, the heart of the matter was to serve God. Whatever we do, we are to do so for God. That would include what the Church does.
2) Specific: Taking a more directed stroke and focusing in on only the Church we find that the mission of the Church is "To Assist Individuals In Developing A Dedication To God." When we look at what it is that God desires from man-kind, we find some different things in different time periods. However, what is constant from beginning until now is that God desires that individuals be dedicated to him.
a) 1 Sam 15:20-23. Saul s fault was that He was trying to be a technician. God wanted Saul to do what He said to do.
b) Ps 51:17 - What God desires of individuals is that they humble their self and come to Him. Only a person who is committed to God can Satisfy.
c) Rm 12:1 - a sacrifice - something total committed to it s cause.

3) APPLICATION: (How Do We Accomplish This Mission)

A) Dedicate Yourself:
1) Gal 2:20
2) Mt 7:3-5
3) Mt 6:33
B) Serve the Brethren:
1) Mt 23:11
2) 1 Cor 12:12-26
C) Love Neighbor:
1) Mt 23:39
2) Gal 6:9


A) The mission of the Church is accomplished when each individual member is living life as God would have them to live. The mission of the Church is accomplished through Christian living as outlined in God s word.
B) 1 Pet 2:4-10 - Our special position & our special responsibility - Function as God would have us.