Making our Assemblies Welcoming to Visitors

1. Introduction:
A. If you could do something to directly impact the salvation of someone else,
would you?
1. Matthew 16:26
B. What if I told you that you already do
C. What a visitor see s at the assembly can/does affect his/her relationship to
the church
1. 1 Corinthians 14:23-25
D. Most people who visit are not members of the church and base their
impression of us on worldly standards.
E. Some will object "we want them to come because we have the truth,
not because they enjoy the assembly
1. We must realize that most people who visit the assembly do not
understand God's word or His standards.
2. Is it wise to drive them away from serious consideration of Christ with
our attitudes and actions?
3. Paul said that the strong ought to accomodate the weak (Rom.15:1-3)
4. He also said we are to do all we can to reach others for Christ
(1 Cor.9:19-23)
5. This would surely include giving attention to our assembly.

2. Understand The Purpose Of The Assembly:
A. We are to encourage each other -Heb.10:25
B. Do you ever consider whether you are encouraging others at the assembly?

3. Do Your Best In The Assembly.
A. Lead the assembly heartily as unto the Lord -Colossians 3:23
1. Teaching Work hard preparing your lesson, and be enthusiastic about it
2. Singing Pay attention to pitch, speed, attitude, etc.
3. Praying Don't mumble under a bench, or quote the same prayer each
time, pray for relevant things
4. Communing & giving Glorify Christ, don't goof off while passing
emblems, etc.
B. NOTE: Our entire assembly is unto the Lord. We should treat it as such.
C. Do it with thy might -Eccl.9:10
1. Pay attention to the service Don't sleep, play with babies, fidget, get
up often
2. Sing with your might, don't half-heartedly mumble.

4. Greet The Guests, And Be Friendly To Them And Each Other.
A. Don t be rude, spiteful, or hateful to someone else at the church -Eph.4:32
B. Don t get off in a corner with your family/friend and ignore everyone else
C. Be friendly to everyone - Pr.18:24
D. Don t Gripe & complain about the service/people at church (i.e. Preacher,
E. Show a loving attitude or give benefit of doubt to others. Jn.13:34,35
F. Greet the visitors, invite them home or out to eat with you
G. Visitors don t want to see sad faces and bad attitudes. They get enough
of that in the world.

5. Pay Attention To The Little Things 1 Corinthians 14:40
A. Pay attention to details -1 kings 20:39,40
B. Some of the little things that make a difference
1. Being on time to the assembly, starting on time
2. Making your children behave
3. Taking babies out at appropriate time
4. Keeping your seating area clean, keeping the restrooms clean
5. Consider the church when you schedule your trips out of town, especially
with a small congregation
a. We can t all be gone on holiday Sundays.
6. Paying attention to the schedule and see what your part in the service is
7. Telling other s if you won t be available for your scheduled part
8. Getting enough sleep the night before
9. Smile, be glad when it is time to come to the house of the Lord -
C. Don t be lazy when it comes to the church, or we will be a needy church -

6. Conclusion:
A. What we do in the assembly is the first impression visitors have of the
B. Will our laxness drive everyone away? NO
C. Will it drive some away? YES
D. Most people decide on the first visit to a church whether they open up to
listen to us teach them God's word or not
E. If that decision is based on what they see in you, what will they decide?