Gideon's Guild


Introduction: Jdgs. 6:33 (The Midianites were set to make war with Israel. God spoke to Gideon to gather a force to meet the enemy and defeat them. The Lord set this force apart and whittled it down to size for special reasons. The force became what we ll call Gideon s guild. In this study we will talk about this force and compare it with being a soldier in God s army today.)

1. Set Apart: Jdgs. 7:2 (God saw that Israel s army was too many. He wanted the circumstances to be such that victory was obviously by Him, not by their own hands. So he asked that certain ones be set apart for the fight. In similar fashion, we are to be set apart, sanctified, for service to God.)

    1. By Being A Christian: 1 Pet. 2:9 (The word "peculiar" in this passage means purchased possession.) Acts 20:28 (As Christians we are bought with the blood of Christ. When you become a Christian, you become part of his purchased possession.)

    2. How Christ Can Claim Us: Heb. 2:11 (We and Christ are one. We are sanctified, set apart, by Christ. This is how Christ can claim us as his family and not be ashamed.)

    3. Living In A Special Way: 1 Thess. 4:3-4 (Part of the idea of sanctification involves avoiding sin. If you avoid fornication and other sins you will certainly be set apart from the world.) Titus 2:14 (The word "peculiar" here means own special people. God wants us to be sanctified, set apart, in that we live righteously, as his own people.)

2. Not Afraid: Jdgs. 7:3, Deut. 20:8 (The law said for those afraid to fight to go home. This first method of sorting used this principle. Those weak of courage were at liberty to go home.)
    1. Of Man: Mt. 10:28 (Jesus said don t fear what man can do to us. Though man may bring harm to our bodies, he cannot touch the soul. We should save our fear for the one who holds in his hand both soul and body, God.)

    2. Your Task: Acts 27:24 (The Lord told Paul not to fear the task before him. When you think about it, facing arrest and preaching the gospel to the Christian hating emperor would be somewhat daunting. But we must not fear doing our job for God, no matter how difficult the task may seem.)

3. Lapped: Jdgs. 7:5-6 (It is difficult to understand the exact distinction the Lord makes here. It appears that one group would kneel down and drink, requiring them be in a vulnerable and unwary posture. The others would bring the water to their mouths, remaining upright and watchful. So perhaps the distinction was between those who were watchful and those who were careless.)
    1. Daily Life: Mt. 26:41 (Christ admonished his disciples to watch in their personal lives. We must do the same, be watchful in our behavior to see that we are staying on the right path.)

    2. Lord s Coming: Lk. 12:37 (Christ admonishes us to watch for the his coming. We don t know when that will be, but we must remain watchful and ready at all times lest we be caught unprepared.)

IV. For God s Glory: Jdgs. 7:9 (God wanted to thin down Gideon s army so they would be so outnumbered that all would know the victory come from God, not their own power. Today we must realize that all we accomplish must be for his glory and not our own.)
    1. One Man Died: Acts 12:23 (Herod died for not giving God glory.)

    2. Everything We Do: 1 Cor. 10:31 (All we do must be for God s glory. We can never seek our own praise and honor. Trust God to praise us in due time. Our lives and deeds must point to God so that others will see him in us and want to join the fight.)

Conclusion: Jdgs. 7:21 (In Israel s victory, every man stood in his place. Though there were not many, because each did his job they had success. So it is with the church today. If we each stand in and do our job we can accomplish much great work. Will you be a part of Gideon s guild, join God s army and stand in your place to do your job?)