Confessing your sins to God

Psalm 51

1. Sin is Universal
  A. Sins of Commission Lk.15:13
     1. We are all aware of sin within our lives and communities we are not proud of
  B. Sins of Omission Lk.10:31,32
  C. Respectable sins (We consider insignificant, i.e. Envy, Pride, Greed, etc.)
2. Who is to Blame for our sins?
  A. Where the blame doesn't lie
     1. The environment we were raised in
     2. Other people Gn.3:9-13
     3. God Job.2:6-9
  B. We are to blame for our own sin! Jas.1:12-15; Isa.59:1-3; Rom.3:10,11
3. The sins of David 2 Sam.11,12
  A. Lust
  B. Adultery
  C. Lying
  D. Planning Murder
4. How to Confess your sins to God Psa.51:1-19
  A. Plead for God s mercy & love (v.1,2)
      1. Jn.3:16; Psa.103:8
      2. He's not interested in your spiritual resume
  B. Acknowledge our sin (v.3,4)
  C. Understand where we are in life & where God wants us to be (v.5,6)
      1. Vs. 5 = we are prone to sin, not born sinners
      2. 2 Pet.3:9
      3. Do you have spiritual plans of where you want to be in 5 yrs?
      4. Do you know where you are spiritually now?
  D. Pray for complete renewal & regeneration (v.7-12)
     1. Must replace win with something, it s no good to ask for a blank slate.
         a. Create in me a clean heart
         b. Renew within me a right spirit
         c. Restore the joy of my salvation
         d. Uphold me with your spirit
  E. Dedicate your life in service to God (v.13-19)
     1. Teach, sing, praise, sacrifice
     2. Rom.12:1,2
     3. Psa.32
5. Conclusion:
  A. Have you ever confessed your sin to God the way David did in Psa.51?
  B. What about tonight? Would you come to Jesus, confessing your sin?