Noah and the Flood

Genesis 6-11

1. List everything you can that saved Noah

2. Draw and/or describe the Ark. What did it look like? What was it designed to do?

3. Did all the fish die during the flood?

4. How long did it take Noah to build the ark?

5. How long was Noah in the Ark?

6. How many people were on the Ark? Who were they?

7. What were the two different classes of animals Noah took on the ark?

8. How many of each class (or "kind") did Noah take on the ark?

9. What promise did God make when Noah offered a sacrifice?

10. Who did God make the rainbow covenant with?

11. How did man's diet change after the flood?

12. Why does God consider murder a sin?

13. What did Noah do after the flood?

14. What is there that we can learn from the story of Noah?

15. What are several specific things you will do (or not do) because of what you have learned in this story?