Moses - The Exodus

Exodus 1-14

1. What strikes you most about the life of Moses before he fled to the desert? [1-2]

2. What were the three different excuses Moses gave when God sent him back to Egypt? [4]

3. What were God's answers to his excuses? [4]

4. Joseph's brothers hated him because he was his father's favorite, and because of his dreams.
Why would Jacobs's favoritism cause the brothers to hate Joseph?

5. List the 10 Plagues that God brought on Egypt [7-12]

6. What did God mean when he said he would Harden the heart of Pharaoh'? [7]

7. How did God make his presence known to the Israelites? [13]

8. Paul compares the Israelites crossing the red sea [14] to baptism [1 Cor.10:1-4]. In what ways are they alike?