Jacob & Joseph

Genesis 32-50

1. What did God change Jacob's name to and why? [Genesis 32]

2. List all 12 of Jacob's son's [Genesis 49]

3. Joseph's brothers hated him because he was his father's favorite, and because of his dreams.
Why would Jacobs's favoritism cause the brothers to hate Joseph?

4. What was the theme in Joseph's two dreams?

5. Of all the things Joseph went through, what would be the most difficult for you? Why?

6. Read & consider Joseph's explanation to his brothers of his sale into slavery [Genesis 45:1-8]

A. What does this teach us about the plans and providence of God?
B. What does Romans 8:28 say about this?
C. How does Romans 8:29 define the "good" of vs. 28?

7. Who was Joseph's father in law? And what was "On" [Genesis 41]

8. Record a basic timeline of Joseph's life

9. Why was Joseph's statement in Genesis 50:24-25 a great declaration of faith?

10. What character qualities did Joseph have that you need to emulate more in your own life?