Introduction: I Kings 18:21 (Elijah challenged Israel to not compromise their religious values. If Baalism is right, then follow it. If Jehovah is God, then follow him and leave Baal alone. In our study we will issue the same challenge. In matters of religion, you need to decide what is right and stand for what is right.)

I. Define The Issue: Prov. 24:21, Jas. 1:8 (We rightly admire those who have a knack for compromising in areas of personal preference and bringing peace. However, we also know that being wishy-washy is wrong. Always changing and shifting is a sign of instability. Though we honor compromise in areas of personal preference, we must realize that in matters of God's law there is no room for compromise. God's commands are not so many bargaining chips for us to slide back and forth across an ecclesiastical table to seek religious union.)

    1. Moral Standards: Gen. 39:7-12 (Joseph well illustrated a refusal to compromise moral standards. When tempted to commit fornication he fled. You should refuse to compromise God's moral standards. Illustrate with going to wild party but won't drink. Does your presence at such a place represent compromise?)

    2. Worship Issues: I Cor. 14:26-35 (God's regulations for the assembly are not bargaining chips for us to trade at our discretion. They are commands from God. You must not compromise in these areas.) Eph. 4:14 (Being carried about with different ideas is not right, even if it is done for the sake of union. Surrendering God's principles is not right. Taking this approach will keep you constantly changing to fit the latest doctrinal trends in order to preserve religious union.)

    3. Personal Integrity: Mt. 12:30 (In God's eyes there is no compromise. Either you are with him or you're not. Any breach in your personal religious integrity may compromise your overall structure and weaken you to the point of falling. Illustrate with destroying large building by weakening a few key points. Remember, compromising personal preferences is good, but compromising God's word is not acceptable.)

II. What Leads To Compromise: (Understanding what leads to compromise can go a long way toward helping you prevent the wrong kind of compromise.)

    1. False Prophets: II Cor. 11:13-15 (Paul expressed concern that false prophets would cause the Corinthians to compromise their values and follow error.) Rom. 16:17-18 (This passage has been widely misused in the past to breach fellowship needlessly. Just because it was commonly misused doesn't mean it has no application to us today. We must mark and avoid those who push error to the point of division. We should not compromise and tolerate false prophets, we should avoid them.)

    2. Feelings For Others: Exo. 23:2 (Sometimes our feelings for others, that they are "such good people" can lead us to compromise values to accommodate their divergent views and practices. This is commensurate to following the crowd to endorse or commit evil. God forbids us to do such.)

    3. Evaluating With Your Heart: Prov. 28:26 (Sometimes we let emotions flavor our decisions instead of using God's word. This can lead to compromise. Illustrate with defending the deceased. "They are in death what they were in life!" Your emotions are not a reliable standard by which to judge spiritual matters.)

    4. Fear Of Persecution: I Pet. 4:12-16 (Sometimes we tend to be lax on values for fear of being persecuted or laughed at. Peter teaches us to expect persecution as a natural part of the Christian life. Don't let that lead you to compromise.) Gal. 2:1-5 (Even in the face of peer pressure, Paul refused to compromise on circumcision.)

III. Take A Stand: Phil. 1:17 (Paul was appointed for the purpose of defending the gospel. We should accept the same charge and not compromise where God's word is concerned.) Gal. 2:11 (Paul was so strong in his commitment to not compromise, he even rebuked a fellow apostle.) Jude :3 (We all have the responsibility to fervently defend what is right according to God's word. In matters of religion, you need to rember Elijah's challenge. Decide what is right based on God's word and stay with it. Compromising personal opinions is good, but God didn't give us his word so we could edit it for sake of religious union. He gave us his word to obey. In matters of God's word, there is no room for compromise.)