The reward of godliness

1. Introduction:
A. 1 Timothy 4:7-9
1. Bodily exercise profits for a little while, only temporary, only in this life.
2. The Merits of Various diets. Everyone has their own idea of what works best in diet
3. Most all agree that for good health, you need exercise. You need to use your body actively.
4. And the benefits to those who do are many and great.
a. You have more energy
b. You avoid injury & illness more easily
c. You recover more quickly from injuries & illness
d. You don t have as much trouble with obesity
e. All your organs work better
f. You just plain feel better
5. Do you get regular exercise? You should, but the value, while great, pales in comparison to the exercise of godliness.
B. Godliness profits in all things.
1. Here we see the contrast. Exercise profits in this life, godliness profits in BOTH lives.
2. Now, godliness is something we must exercise ourselves to, just as physical fitness is.
a. Heb.5:14 those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern
C. What you devote your life to:
1. One fellow spent years learning to make a sound like a chain saw
2. Others spend many hours per day for weeks or months on end learning a hobby or craft
3. What if we had devoted that time to learning the scriptures?

2. In this life Godliness will solve these problems for us:
A. Guilt & suspicion Prov.28:1
1. By living a life of godliness, you don t have to live, looking over your shoulder, keeping a lock on the skeleton closet.
B. Sorrow 1 Jn.5:3
1. Like young trees in a storm, you will be OK if anchored, or tied off, to Christ
C. Consequences of sin Rom.6:23; Matt.28:20
1. Unwed parents, destroyed homes, diseases, financial crisis, etc. are often the result of ungodliness
2. God s commands are like a Chain-Link Fence keeping us away from a dangerous cliff, they protect us.
D. Fear & Worry 1 Pet.5:7; Hb.13:5,6
1. We can be like a child who, holding the hand of her father, will enter a dark & scarey room
E. Friendship & the problem of Loneliness Jn.15:12-17; Matt.19:29
1. Living a life of Godliness, those you associate with will be godly
2. We are a family, and I, in Christ have brothers, sisters, parents, children, houses, lands, etc. all over the world.
F. We have these blessings with Persecution Matt.5:10
1. For our real reward is not here on earth, but in heaven

3. And the life that is to come:
B. Godliness provides the promise of Heaven Rev.21:3-7
C. We are but visitors here on earth Heb.11:13-16