Little things

Exodus 4
1. Introduction and Basis: God s dealings with Moses
A. Moses
1. A Small Rod Ex.4:2
2. Becomes a serpent Ex.4:3
3. Turned river to Blood Ex.7:17
4. Divided the red sea Ex.14:16
5. Defeated Amalek Ex.17:9-13
B. A Big Man at age 40 rejected
1. Forty years old Ac.7:23
2. Raised in Pharaoh s house Ex.2:10
3. Treasures in Egypt Heb.11:26
4. Learned in all Wisdom of Egypt Acts 7:22
5. Mighty in words & deeds Act 7:22
6. Strong and courageous Ex.2:17
7. Zealous for his nation Ex.2;11,12 Ac.7:23,24
8. Understood he was to be the deliverer Ac. 7 25
C. A little man at age 80 chosen
1. Eighty years old Ac.7:29,30
2. 40 years in the wilderness herding sheep Ac .7 :29, 30
3. No self confidence Ex.3:11; 4:1-3
4. Slow of tongue Ex.4;10
5. Not eloquent Ex4:10
6. Meekest man on the face of the earth Num .12 3

2. What we can learn from this story of Moses:
A. God wanted a lieutenant, not a general.
1. God wanted some one who would
a. Take orders (like Moses at 80)
b. Not give orders (as Moses at 40).
2. The secret of Moses success was not himself but his God.
B. Christ strengthens us Phil. 4:13
1. The Lord was Paul s strength 1 Tim.4:16,17
2. God s strength with our weakness 2 Cor.12:9
3. If God is for us who is against us? Rom.8:31,32
4. We need Christ as a branch needs the vine Jn.15:4,5

3. Little things used for great deeds:
A. Samson with jawbone of a donkey kills 1,000 Philistines Judges 15:7-17
B. Poor widow s two mites mean much Mk.12:41-44
1. It is not how much we give that matters Mk.12:41
C. Dorcas small needle helps many Acts 9:36-43
1. Many mourned her death Acts 9:39
D. A small child in your hand
1. Nurture and admonish Eph.6:4
2. The wisdom of Moses mother Ex.2:1-10; Ac.7:20; Hb.11:23

4. How little things can make a big showing
A. Ant work Pr.30:25
1. Works without a boss Prov.6:6-8
2. Use your time advantageously Eph.5:14-16
3. Add Christian graces 2 Pet.1:5-10
B. Coney refuge for weaknesses Pr.30:26
1. Coney and hare are different Lev.11 :5,6
2. Rocks are for refuge for Coney Psa.104:18
3. Lord is our refuge Psa.94:22
4. Refuge for sin Heb.8:12; 1 John 1:8-10
5. Refuge for sorrow John 14:1 1 Thess.4:13-18
6. Refuge for death 1 Cor.15:54-57; Heb.6:18-20
C. Locust unity Pr.30:27
1. Two or three united are strong Eccl.4:12
2. Even strong fall when divided Matt. 12:25
D. The spider takes advantage of opportunities Pr.30:28
1. Take advantage of favor Matt 5:25,26
2. Make friends Prov.18:24

5. Conclusion:
A. Do what you can Mark 14:3-9
B. Redeem the time Col.4:5