Learning from Judas

Acts 1:15-26

1. Introduction:

A. Judas

1. Was one of the original apostles and spent 3 years side by side with Jesus.

2. However, he chose to betray Christ for money and give up his good standing.

3. Having fallen away, he was consumed by guilt and took his own life.

B. Today we will consider some valuable lessons we can learn from this man and his life.

2. Satan Loves a Wicked Heart:

A. Judas had a problem

1. But it wasn t a problem of being an obviously vile and wicked man

a. Notice that they didn t immediately point at Judas - Lk.22:21-23

2. Judas Was A Thief: Jn. 12:1-6

3. It was the simple problem of greed.

a. 1 Tim.6:10

B. Satan Entered His Heart: Lk. 22:1-3

1. If problems like this linger without getting your attention, Satan will use them to gain advantage over you.

2. Satan used Judas weakness to bring him down.

C. The Lesson For Us: Prov.4:23

1. Evil motives brought about the fall of Judas.

2. God warns you to guard your motives

3. The wrong people will make your problems worse:

A. Judas Went To The Wrong People: Lk. 22:3-6

1. In his time of weakness, instead of going to Christ for strength, Judas went to the very people that would compound his problem.

2. Temptation = Evil desires coupled with enticement

a. James 1:14

b. Lead us not into temptation Matt.6:13

B. Those Who help us into trouble won t help us out:

1. The priests wouldn t help Judas: Mt. 27:3-4

a. Judas tried to return the blood money.

b. Under Moses law the priests should have at least offered a sacrifice.

c. But they callously refused to help Judas out of his dilemma of guilt.

C. Choose your companions carefully: Prov. 6:27-28, 1 Cor. 15:33

4. Sin has consequences that you cannot undo:

A. Judas Made A Mess He Couldn t Fix: Mt. 27:1-4

1. After Jesus was arrested Judas realized his sin had created a situation he could not correct.

2. It doesn t matter if you intended the consequences or not.

a. It seems he didn t believe the attempt on Christ s life would be successful.

3. Either way, Judas sin left him filled with regret and unable to erase the consequence of his sin.

B. The Lesson For Us: Ps. 107:17

1. Our own sin often catches us in a trap of affliction.

2. Sometimes our bitterest sorrow is over problems we ve created ourselves.

5. Unresolved Guilt Will Ruin Your Life:

A. Guilt Killed Judas: Mt. 27:5

1. Instead of dealing with his guilt in a godly manner, Judas gave up and killed himself.

2. The sorrow of the world produces death. 2 Cor.7:10

B. The Lesson For Us: Pro. 28:13

1. If you don t deal with the guilt of your sin it will be your ruin.

C. Seek help at the feet of the Lord - Heb. 4:15-16

1. You must build and maintain a relationship with God to properly address your guilt.

2. God will let his children boldly approach his throne for mercy.

6. Conclusion: Note these concluding observations

A. Satan loves a wicked heart

B. The wrong people will make your problems worse

C. Sin has consequences you cannot undo

D. Unresolved Guilt Will Ruin Your Life

E. So, if you are burdened with guilt, what should you do?

1. Acts 2:37,38 What shall we do?

a. Repent and be baptized and you ll be forgiven

2. Acts 8:22

a. Repent and pray for forgiveness

F. Learn a lesson from Judas, don t repeat his mistake and betray Jesus.