How to be a good king

Introduction: Rev. 1:6 (The scriptures tell us that under the new covenant we are kings and priests for God. Under Moses law the kingly work and the priestly work was reserved for special tribes. But today we all share the responsibility of serving God in whatever way our abilities allow. Follows are some thoughts about Solomon s function as king for Israel and some comparisons to how we can be better servants for God.)

1. Solomon s Service: Deut. 17:14-20 (This is special instruction for the king of Israel. It tells him specific things he must do in order to be a successful king for God s people. Note how Solomon followed these to some extent but eventually transgressed many of these principles.)

    1. Don t Multiply Horses: 1 Kings 4:26, 1 Kings 10:28 (Solomon multiplied horses in his army. He went so far as to bring horses out of Egypt, something God didn t want them to do.)

    2. Don t Multiply Wives: 1 Kings 11:1-3 (Solomon multiplied his wives in the worst way. While God did allow some in that day to have more than one wife, Solomon practiced that to excess. These had an obvious negative effect on his service as they lead him after false gods.)

    3. Don t Multiply Wealth: 1 Kings 12:4, 2 Chron. 9:27 (Solomon amassed great amounts of wealth in his kingdom. This was done on the backs of the people with a grievous tax burden.)

    4. Get Your Own Copy Of God s Word: (I know of no specific statement that says Solomon made his own copy of the law. He did celebrate wisdom in Proverbs which causes us to believe he revered God s word. He also gave great attention to how he built the temple which suggests he was following the pattern given in Moses law.)

    5. That The King May Follow God: 2 Chron. 1:7-12 (Solomon started out right. He didn t aspire to wealth or power. He simply wanted to be a good leader of God s people.) 1 Kings 11:4-8 (Later in life he lost that sense of focus. Solomon turned bad and followed pagan ways.)

    6. That His Days May Be Long: 1 Kings 11:11 (Though Solomon had a fairly long and prosperous life, the kingdom was divided because of his sinful ways. After his death ten tribes rebelled and separated to form the northern kingdom.)

2. Our Service:

    1. Old Sinful Habits: (God didn t want Israel s kings to go back to Egypt, from whence they had escaped bondage, to multiply horses for themselves. In similar fashion he does not want us to go back to old sinful habits, from whence we have escaped bondage, and live in those old ways.) Eph. 4:22-24 (God calls upon us to shun the sinful things from our former lives. We must consistently live as a changed, new person.)

    2. Letting Relationships Interfere:

      A. Family: Mt. 10:34-38 (We are challenged to love Christ even more than our own family. You must not allow influences from your spouse, parents, children or any other family hinder your service to Christ.)

      B. Friends: Prov. 13:20 (Solomon warns us that bad friendships can influence us in a bad way. You must not allow friendships to come between you and Christ.)

    3. Letting Possessions Interfere: Prov. 23:5, 1 Tim. 6:9-10 (The love of monetary things will produce all kinds of evil in your life. You must not let a craving for possessions pull you away from Christ.)

    4. Study God s Word: Acts 17:11 (We must study God s word regularly to acquaint ourselves with his will. This way we will know how to handle difficult situations that are sure to confront us.)

    5. Be A Devoted Follower: Mt. 22:37 (God calls us to love him with every fiber of our being. Such an all consuming love of God will surely cause us to be a devoted follower of him.

    6. The Promise Of Eternal Life: Rom. 8:18 (Whatever suffering we may face in our Christian service will pale in comparison to the splendid reward God has reserved for those who are faithful.)

Conclusion: (Solomon had a clear set of instructions to guide him in being a good king. As long as he followed them he was a good king. When he strayed he was no longer a good king. God has made you a king and a priest. You have a set of instructions to guide you. If you follow these instructions it will bring you to spiritual prosperity and a heavenly home. Don t be like Solomon and loose sight of your way.)