He is not here

Matthew 28:1-8

1. Introduction:
  A. Story of Matt.28:1-8
     1. They were looking in the wrong place to find the Lord
     2. He was risen, he was not where they expected
  B. Many people look for truth and fulfillment in the wrong places
  C. Today, I want to consider some of the wrong places people look for spiritual truth and fulfillment:

2. Places you will not find Spiritual Truth and fulfillment
  A. Image Worship
     1. Acts 19:23ff
     2. Exodus 32:1-9
  B. Nature Worship
     1. 2 Kings 23
  C. Creature Worship
     1. Romans 1:18ff
  D. Hero Worship
     1. Acts 12:21-24
     2. Acts 14:8-18
  E. Pleasure Worship
     1. 2 Timothy 3:4
     2. 1 Corinthians 10:7
  F. Money Worship
     1. Matthew 6:19-24
     2. Colossians 3:5
         a. Which brings us full circle back to Image worship (Idolatry)

3. He is Risen
  A. Spiritual truth and fulfillment is only found in the Lord Jesus, who is risen from the dead.
  B. Some of the things you will find in Him:
     1. Rest Matthew 11:28
     2. Life John 10:10
     3. Love John 15:13
     4. New Birth John 3:1-6
     5. Salvation Mark 16:15,16
     6. A Place in Heaven John 14:1-3

4. Conclusion:
  A. You will find Jesus in His church Acts 2:46
  B. Division of time:
      1. 168 hours in a week
      2. Averages:
         a. 56 hours sleeping
         b. 60 hours working
         c. 18 hours on self (eating, bath, etc.)
         d. Leaves 34 hours of discretionary time
      3. Now, in that 34 hours, we fit the rest of our life, mowing, driving, cards, TV, and church related activities.
      4. How does God fare in the slice of pie that represents the time you give Him each week?
  C. What you spend your time on is what you spend your life on, that's what your life is about
      1. What do you worship with your time (life)?