1. God Wants You To Be Happy:

    1. Commanded: Phil. 4:4 (God commands us to rejoice. This is a command to be a person of happy disposition.)

    2. Good For You: Prov. 15:13 (As with all of God's moral requirements, his requirement that we be happy and cheerful is best for us.)

2. Happiness In Spiritual Blessings:

    1. Being Forgiven: Rom. 4:6-8 (David's joy was based on knowing he was in good standing with God. You should base your happiness in the same.)

    2. Names Written In Heaven: Lk. 10:20 (Jesus told his disciples not to base their joy on any miraculous ability they had, but on the fact they were saved. You shouldn't base your happiness on external circumstances that can change so swiftly. You should base your joy and peace of mind on the fact you are saved.)

3. No Happiness In The Flesh:

    1. Flesh Cannot Be Satisfied: Eccl. 5:10 (The flesh is such that it cannot be satisfied. Therefore, seeking happiness in the flesh cannot work. The flesh will always demand more.)

    2. In Spite Of Circumstances: Heb. 12:2 (Jesus despised the shameful circumstance of his death on the cross. He was still happy, in spite of these bad circumstances, because of the hope set before him.)

4. The Steps To Follow:

    1. Beatitudes: Mt. 5:3-12 (Jesus gives these characteristics as steps to blessedness or happiness. Note these all point to spiritual reward, not carnal happiness.)

    2. Paul's Example: Phil. 4:5-8 (Paul lists moderation, anxiety control, prayer, and positive thoughts as a means to rejoice and find peace of mind.)

Conclusion: (Pain and suffering is inevitable, misery is optional. We cannot completely avoid sad situations in life. Our choice is how we handle these things. Happiness is a choice. You can choose to properly respond to difficulty and build a happy, positive attitude. Help yourself to happiness.)