Introduction: Acts 24:16 (You should seek good relations with God and your fellow man. This involves keeping problems resolved and offenses cleared.) Mt. 5:23-24 (Failure to do so can hinder your worship.)

1. Forgiveness From God:

    1. The Nature Of God s Forgiveness: Heb. 8:12, Ps. 79:8 (God s forgiveness is essentially a promise to not hold our past sins against us.)

    2. God s Forgiveness Is Conditional: Ps. 34:18 (Being forgiven is conditional on being contrite and obedient to God s will.)

    3. God s Forgiveness Is Total: Jer. 50:20 (When God forgives, he forgives totally. No record of the wrong can be found.)

    4. God s Forgiveness Is Through Christ: Eph. 4:32, Rev. 1:5, 2 Cor. 5:20-21 (God forgives us through Christ. Our sins are washed away in his blood. Our debt is paid by his death.)

2. Forgiving One Who Repents:

    1. Forgiveness Is Conditional On Repentance: Lk. 17:3-4 (Our forgiveness should be unlimited&ldots; to those who repent.)

    2. Rebuke: Prov. 27:5, Prov. 28:23 (It may sound odd, but we pursue and maintain peace with each other, in part by rebuking when there is a wrong. This is an essential step in forgiveness. You should rebuke to achieve the offending party s repentance.)

    3. Repentance Is Total: 2 Cor. 7:8-11 (Repentance is not just being "sorry" for what you did. It involves a commitment to change and do better.)

    4. You d Better Do It: Mt. 18:21-35, Mk. 11:25-26 (You must forgive those who seek your forgiveness, or God will not forgive you.)

    5. It Is Good For You: Prov. 11:17 (Forgiving others will make you a better, happier person.)

    6. It Is Glorious: Prov. 19:11 (It is a glorious and beautiful thing in God s sight when we forgive those who repent.)

    7. Have You Done The Same: Eccl. 7:21-22 (Asking yourself if you done the same thing to others that has made you angry will help you to forgive.)

    8. Look For Good: Gen. 45:5-15, Gen. 50:19-21 (Joseph looked for good in his misfortune. That can help you forgive others, even when being angry might seem justifiable or understandable.)

3. What About One Who Will Not Repent:

    1. You Must Not Seek Revenge: Prov. 24:29 (God is very clear he doesn t want us to seek revenge.)

    2. Don t Wish Them Ill: Prov. 24:17 (You must not wish ill toward your enemies, or rejoice in their suffering.)

    3. Don t Indulge Feelings Of Malice: Rom. 1:29-32, Eph. 4:31 (God numbers malice with the most terrible sins. We must put that away and replace it with kindness and an attitude of love.)

    4. Don t Dwell On Your Anger: Eph. 4:26 (It s okay to be angry, but don t act on your anger, and don t stay angry.)

    5. Avoid Problem People: 2 Tim. 3:1-5 (Instead of forgiving someone in such sin, you must control your anger but avoid the problem people.)

    6. Trust God: 1 Sam. 24:10-12 (You must trust God to resolve the inequities of life. Trust him to deal with those who are in sin and don t take the matter in your own hands.)