Chapter 20


1) Journey to Troas (20:1-6)

a) How long did Paul stay in Greece?
b) Why did he make a last minute change in his travel plans?
c) What do Verses 4-6 tell us about Luke?

2) Miracle at Troas (20:7-12)

a) When [what day] did the disciples assemble?
Do you know why?
b) How long did Paul preach?
c) What happened to Eutychus?
d) Did Paul raise him from the dead, or merely realize that he wasn't really dead?

3) The trip to Miletus (20:13-16)

a) Why did Paul sail past Ephesus?
b) Why would Paul want to be in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost?

4) Paul exhorts the Ephesian Elders (20:17-38)

a) In vs. 21 Paul reminds them of his two-fold message. What was it?
b) What did the Holy Spirit testify in every city about Paul?
c) Would that frighten or discourage you?
d) What did Paul refrain from teaching them when he was in Ephesus?
e) What warning does he give them?
f) Where will these false teachers come from?
g) What can we learn from his warning?
h) Can you imagine how sad these people were? Consider Paul's faith stated in Vs. 24