What the Resurrection means to us


1.  Introduction:

A. Tell the story of the Resurrection, with short, particular, passage readings

B. What did the resurrection mean to them?

1.  It meant Peter wasn’t going back to be a fisherman

2.  It meant Mary didn’t have to have a funeral for her Son

3.  It meant the grieving stopped

4.  It meant Life after Death was possible

C.  The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the central event in human history, and for Christians, it is the “proof in the pudding”

D.  What does the resurrection mean to you and me?

2.  The resurrection means that Jesus is who He claimed to be:

A.  He claimed to be the Son of God–John 4:25-26

B.  That means He is always right, about everything.

C.  But it doesn’t mean this to everyone for some still reject His Lordship in their lives.

3.  The resurrection means that the Bible is truly the word of God

A.  The God of the Bible, the Christian God, predicted, and produced, unlike every other religion in existence.

1.  Over 300 prophesies of the Christ, all fulfilled in Jesus.Many made hundreds, even thousands of years before.

2.  God promised them, and He fulfilled them.

B.  Jesus recognized the scriptures as true and inspired from God.

1.He quoted from the OT scriptures constantly in His ministry

2.This means that any other religious “way” is wrong–John 14:6

3.And, every other religion is wrong.

C.But it doesn’t mean this to everyone for some still reject the Bible

1.And some claim it, yet make no effort to obey it.

4.  The resurrection means that death, even your death, is not final.

A.  Shall a man live again?And the answer to that question can be answered with a resounding YES!

B.  It means that what you do in this life, is only temporary–2 Pt.3:10-13

1.  Consider Eternity and how long that will be –Illustration of sparrow

C.  It means all that Jesus taught about the “next life” is true–John 5:23,24

1.  Including His teachings of Heaven and Hell.

D.  It means Death is a defeated enemy –1 Cor.15:54,55

E.  Yet it doesn’t mean this to everyone, for many live as though there is nothing to be gained in a future life from our conduct in this life.

5.  The resurrection means that your forgiveness is real –1 Corinthians 15:14

A.  It means that a “fresh start”, a “new beginning”, a “do-over” is possible.

1.  Jesus called it being “Born Again” Jn.3:3,5

a.  Can you imagine being able to really “Start again”?To have the slate wiped clean?For all the ugliness of your past to be erased?For your failures and mistakes to be banished to the realm of “never happened”? no mistakes, no failures, nothing.Brand, spanking, New.

b.  When you are “Born again”, this is true of you.It’s all new.You get a 2nd chance, with a guaranteed win.You get to start the game over again. –2 Cor.5:17

B.  It means the promise of my forgiveness can be believed.

1.  The same God who promised to raise Jesus from the dead, has promised to forgive sin, and count us righteous –Rom.4:22-25

C.  It means your baptism was more than “getting wet” –Col.2:12; 1 Pt.3:21

D.  But it doesn’t mean this to everyone, for many reject this “new birth” as Nicodemus did at this time.

1.  Many even commit suicide out of regret for past mistakes.

2.  Many reject baptism as a useless work of man.


6.  The resurrection means we have a reason to die.

A.  Everyone needs a reason to die.We must die to live.And the resurrection gives us this hope.–1 Cor.15:17

1.  It means our labor in the Lord is not in vain–1 Cor.15:54-58

B.  But it doesn’t mean this to everyone, for many have never accepted life that they might live.

1.  Many live today with no hope for tomorrow.

2.  Many spend their lives in vain labors (laying up treasures here) and face death as a moment of tremendous terror.


7.  Conclusion:We have these things then, that the Resurrection of Jesus, from the dead means to us today.But it does not mean all these things to everyone.Some still don’t believe the scriptures, some reject Jesus, some deny the afterlife, some turn away from baptism and forgiveness, and some live in constant fear of a defeated enemy –death.

A.  What about you?What does the resurrection mean to you?Is it the burning fire that drives all your hopes and actions, or is it just another “doctrine” of the church?