2009 Brotherhood Meeting - First Letter

ALERT!!! If you intend to make motel reservations, please look carefully at the motel information and act promptly.

Feb. 18, 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As most of you are already aware, the Area-Wide Brotherhood Meeting will be held in Lubbock, Texas hosted by the 78th & University Congregation in Lubbock and the Northwest Congregation in Plainview, Texas. The activities planned on Friday and Saturday July 17-18, 2009 will take place at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center Theater. This is the same facility that was utilized for the Brotherhood Meeting in 2001. The Theater is the southwest portion of the Civic Center complex which is located in downtown Lubbock at 6th Street & Avenue O. You will find posted signs along Interstate 27 and 4th Street which will direct you to the facility. Remember the Civic Center is a large complex with several meeting areas. The best way to find the Theater portion is to come in from the west entrance and look to the right.

We are writing to provide you with pertinent information about the meeting and to inform you of motel arrangements. When you receive this information, please share it with any others that might be interested. It is impossible to build a complete mailing list, so we are depending on congregational announcements and word of mouth to help spread this information.

We feel that we have arranged for an excellent facility for the meeting with theater designed seating for 1400. We are excited about the theme of the meeting and the capable speakers who will address the subjects that have been chosen. Because we do have ample seating capacity and subject material that will benefit each one of us, we want to strongly encourage everyone possible to be a part of this event. The strength and uplifting we receive from our fellowship together during this time is a most beneficial aspect of this event, as well. This facility has a large entry area that will be available along with the Theater for association and visitation beginning on Friday afternoon.

The format for this meeting will be as usual, with Friday evening singing-fellowship and the main meeting on Saturday. Everyone is also invited to return to the Theater at 6:00 P.M. for a quartet singing. More will be announced later about participating groups.

There will be a gospel meeting with Mark Parkhurst at Plainview (Plainview is about 50 minutes north of Lubbock on Interstate 27) from July 19 through July 26. If you would like to stay over after the Brotherhood Meeting and be a part of this, we would love to have you do so. We have not planned Sunday services at the theater, but invite everyone to stay over and attend Sunday church services at one of the area congregations. The Lubbock Congregation is planning for extra visitors, as is Plainview, Crosbyton and others.

All who attend will be asked to register. We would encourage all who can to pre-register at http://www.cofcnet.org under Brotherhood Meeting. If you can't pre-register online, please do so on Friday if you arrive in time. This will allow us to use the allotted time on Saturday morning to register any who have not done so by that time and permit all to be seated in a timely fashion.


If possible, come early on Friday as we will have the use of the meeting area for fellowship beginning at 04:00 P.M. We will have congregational singing for about an hour at 7:30 P.M. Barry Ezra will be in charge of the Friday Night Singing. After the singing, we will resume visitation time until midnight. We would especially encourage the young people to take advantage of this opportunity.

Registration and Visitation ........................................................................ 04:00-07:30 P.M.
Congregational Singing ............................................................................ 07:30-08:30 P.M.
Additional Visitation and Fellowship .......................................................... 08:30-12:00 P.M.


You will see the enclosed schedule for Saturday's meeting. The theme for the meeting is "Evangelism-From the Heart to the World". Evangelism begins in the heart of the individual disciple, and then spreads through family, community, congregation, region and the world. These ideas will be expanded through the various subjects of the day. As you will notice on the schedule of speakers, along with Americans, we have invited men from both Nigeria and India to participate. Their involvement will depend on their ability to obtain visa's to qualify them to enter the United States. The Saturday meeting will end at approximately 3:30 P.M.

Because most prefer to select their own dining places, you will be free to make your own arrangements for lunch on Saturday. There are numerous restaurants in Lubbock, several in close proximity to the Civic Center. In addition, South Loop 289 as well as Slide Road just inside South Loop 289 (see the enclosed map), are within 15 minutes driving time from the meeting area and have numerous restaurants of many types. We have allotted two hours of time for lunch which should be ample for everyone to eat and get back for the afternoon activities.

As far as accommodations are concerned, we have blocked off rooms at three motels in Lubbock. For every room that is rented at one of these designated motels, there will be a $5 credit given on the lease of the theater meeting room. If you are going to stay in a motel we would like to ask you, if possible, to please stay at one of the designated places so that we might lower or eliminate the cost of the theater. These motels are located within walking distance of the meeting facility and we have blocked off 50 rooms at the first, 30 at the second, and 100 at the third. If we are to receive a credit on the motel room that you stay in, it must be at one of these locations and you must specify you are with the "Church of Christ Brotherhood Meeting" when you make reservations. Each motel has asked that we contact them directly at the Lubbock location rather than through a nationwide 800 number. Since extra block rooms will be released by these motels 30 days in advance of the meeting, please make your reservations as quickly as possible.

The first motel is the Radison at 505 Ave Q. The room rate at this motel is $64 per night for a double room. The local reservation phone number is (806) 747-0171.

The second motel is the La Quinta Civic Center at 601 Ave Q. The room rate here will be $69 per night for a double room. Please call (806) 763-9441 which contacts the Lubbock location.

The third motel is the Holiday Inn Civic Center at 801 Ave Q. The room rate at this motel is $99 per night for a double room. The local reservation phone number is (806) 763-1200.

Some of the RV Parks in the Lubbock area are as follows: (1) Lubbock RV Park, 4811 N I-27, Exit 9, (806) 747-2366; (2) KOA Kampgrounds, Clovis Hwy, (806) 762-8653; (3) Camelot Village, 6001 West 34th Street, (806) 792-6477; (4) Buffalo Springs Lake, (806) 747-3353.

We have also obtained a block rate at the Comfort Suites at 3615 Grandview in Plainview for any who might want a place to stay into the following week for the Gospel Meeting. These rooms will not provide any credit toward the meeting room in Lubbock. The room rate is $89.99 for double queen suites and $79.99 for single king suite. Please mention "Northwest Church of Christ" when you make reservations. The phone number for this facility is (806) 293-7700.

If you need further information, please contact Milton Daniel at (806) 634-5001 or Van Miller at (806) 494-3580.

In Christian Love,
78th & University Church of Christ, Lubbock
Northwest Church of Christ, Plainview